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February 1862

February 14th Letter to sister, Sylvia

Chauncey Joslin's mother
Selissa Pond Joslin
Born January 31 1809
Litchfield Connecticut

Daughter of Sylvia and Beriah Pond born 1758 died March 13. 1836 Veteran of Revolutionary War  Buried in Camden, Oneida County NY

Saturday, February 1

Waked up all wet. The snow is about three inches deep. now it rains I have received one letter. After dinner thirty of us went out scouting but it did not amount to anything.

Sunday 2

It is pleasant. At 11 we went out to releive the picquet guards. Welly, Mr. Kich & Mr.
Tirse was my mates Mr. Shippy was our Seargent. we was placed on the extreme outpost. Monitering.

Monday 3

Did not sleep any last night. today it has snowed all day. But we had a good henhouse. All the Rebles that we saw or heard was an owl        Aseda

Tuesday 4

Lieut. Darby staid with (us) last night. he and Shippy took turns with us. standing guard. At 11 the 53 P.A. releived us then we marched back. at night we signed the pay roll.

Wednesday 5

Had some washing to do. So I went up to the Seargant & got excused to do it. We did not get our pay.

Thursday 6

It rains so that we can't drill. A. M. I drew $48.50. P. M. Mr. Pettit has just started for home, our Co. sent $1,500 home by him.

Friday 7

Batalion drill by the Generals aid, A. M. P. M. drilled by Co. This evening will write one letter.

Saturday 8

I was on Poliece guard. We stood four hours on and eight off. P. M. wrote two letters. Lieut. Pettit came back from Washington.



Did not have to turn out at guard mountain. Staid in my tent all day. Had a nice time reading. In the evening wrote one letter, received one letter.



A. M. We had a knapsack drill, went west about five miles & back. P. M.

Batalion drill. Saw four Ladies on the ground. in the evening wrote a letter.


A. M. drilled with blank cattriages. P. M. Went over to the Brigade Hospital to make bedsteads. In the evening wrote one letter.



Worked at the Hospital again. at noon shot at a mark with my new revolver. Charles B. Waters died at 4  o'clock P. M.


Lewis C. Sheldon died at ? 0 'clock & 40 minutes A. M. We drilled by Co P. M. both of them was sent home. I received one letter.


Two more deaths in our Regt. drilled by Co. A. M. P. M. drilled by Brig & practiced fireing with blanks. In the evening wrote one letter.


I was on guard, it snowed all day. I got pricked but did not have to do extra duty. Did not sleep any. At night it was very cold.


Came off from guard at 9. Washed & eat my breakfast, then slept one h. then Noah came in & would not let me sleep. I was dreaming about Friends & C.


It rained all day, we did not drill, I wrote two letters. Page Spaulding ca here from the 44th N. Y. State Volunteers.


Drilled all day. Our Co. shot at a mark in the afternoon. In the evening wrote a letter to Mr. Pemison at Phil. G. F. Parkes died.


In the morning wrote a letter to Mr. Wright. It rained so we did not drill, laid & grunted in the tent all day.


Drilled by Co. A. M. at noon received a letter from home. P. M. had a review of the Brigade & then a Brigade drill. In the evening read a story.



                        I was on guard, the weather was cloudy & cold. The password was /Barnett/ We had a good fire all night. The boys burned blank cattriages in the stove as usual.



                        I saw several signal lights during last night. This morning the road was lined with troops going towards Bulls Run. At 10 we was called out to go, but did not go.



                        A.M. General inspection. P. M. Prepared for general inspection by one of Gen. McClel Staff, received two letters, one from I ah-ah-ge & one from L. T. M. I wrote two letters. /Syl & M.



            Turned out three times for inspection. It rained, hailed & the wind blew like fits. Almost all of the tents around here blew down & the articals (articles) were scattered to the four winds.



            A. M. did not drill. wrote a letter. P. M. the Regt. went out on a blanket drill. Welly, Henry & Chance was detailed to build a stable for the Colonel's horse. Ed McCutcheon came back to our squad, he brought a canteen of milk & two hocakes. after tea I wrote a letter for a change.



            A. M. inspection, great many rusty guns. P. M. Brigade drill. James Parker died at 9 A. M. In the evening wrote a letter to L. T. M.



            A. M. wrote a letter to Lottie & drilled by Co. The weather clear & cold. P. M. very windy drilled by Battallion. Evening smoked my pipe. Bread? stuff low.



            Wellington & I was on guard. The weather was clear but very windy. We had a tolerable good fire part of the time. The guard house caught fire. The countersign was Red Bank.