Letter from Sylvia to Benjamin
Chauncey's father, Benjamin, traveled to Pestego, Wisconsin to do carpentry work for someone named Lucian.  Letters from Chauncey were sent to his father and then carried back to Springville when the work was finished.

                                                                                         Springville March 16th

Dear Father

I donít hardly know how to begin fearing my letter may not have reached you but I will think it has last week I sent you a letter from Chauncey and now I have another one that I will send to you but I will think likely you have received a letter from him before now- he said he had forgotten where to direct one or he should have written before now.  I am sorry to cause you enny unpleasant feelings for it is bad enough to be away from home when we can hear from home as often as we want to.  I think I wont give you no more of that kind of trouble so long as I can get the required three cents- we are all getting along quite well we want but little time below nor want that little long

I have been to church today- it seems Mr. Allen has never preached better and then the bible class is so good, and today George Eaton Bensley made a farewell address to the Sabbath school  it was a solemn time he george is a going to Chicago I believe he is a going in company with Phon- Everything moves on much the same here nothing worth noticing  I donít think of enything in particular to write about just now I shall write again soon and please you write when you get time we shall be glad to hear from you eny time

please give my love to Lucianís folks I should be glad to see them

from your best friend and wellwisher S.P. Joslin

I know you will keep Chaunceyís letter for it may be all we shall have left of him but hope not

Mr Holman has bought the Nelson house finally I believe but he donít move till fall  he is going to make some alterations in the house this summer-  so you see if I am well shall be earning a little from week to week while they stay here then I think the Lord will provide some way for us to live if we will only put our trust in him how are you getting along I hope Lucian are enjoying yourselves first rate I would like to step in and see how you do I hope Sylvia will come home and spend this spring vacation but donít know  Will has worked one day for Uncle in his sugarbush and how his horse is so lame he canít go so I am afraid that is done with but I donít mean to complain I have things better than I deserve a great deal


I forgot to tell you that Mr. Rice brought over a nice large cheese weighing fifty six pounds he said I wish you had some of it there to lucianís but I shant let eny of it waste have lent some of it and let sister have some