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Letter from Aunt Susan
Believed to be Susan Pond

Springville September 23rd 1862

My Dear Nephew,

You canít think how glad I was to resieve a letter from you.  But sorry to hear you are not well, and I do hope that you will soon get well or be permitted to come home.. The latter would be so grand. Is there a great many sick there? Itís very pleasant here now though pretty sickly the dyptheria is raging pretty extencively.  Our fair is to come off on the first and second of Oct. Wish you could be here to go through.  I donít expect itíll be much though..  Do you expect it would be safe to send a box there if you are going to stay there we will send you a box of fruit sugars cheese and other eatables- Write what you think about it.  I think that your mother is blessed with exilent neighbors.  Mrs. Heath is according to my taste an exilent woman.  Well one of ďour folksĒ As to your living with me a month Oh! I should be so glad- We would live on chicken pies until we all crowed or cackled.  Your mother seemed the most cheerful after she got your letter last Sunday that Iíve seen her in some time.  Though she keep up her spirits pretty well, be shure and write if you think you will have to stay there and let us send you a box.  Goodbye now.  Maria thinks she can fill the rest of the sheet     Write soon to your affectionate Aunt Susan

Camp Woodshead

Flat on the floor Sept/23



Dear Cousin-    I donít know as I can think of news enough to fill this paper But Iím bound to make markes all over it  Itís so wastful to send blank paper  These heard times- No Sall aint married yet and I guess Peters is sick of the bargain when he gets sober.  I know I ought to write to Dick Harrison but then I have so man to write to that I donít write to ďnooneĒ Harry Rogers has enlisted (good)